Rules for Game-Squad 7dtd

1 - 1 Treejuice ( head-admin ), Bob_Danmark ( Owner ), Topdoller ( Owner ), has FINAL say in all matters. even if this is not covered under the rules. if they find that the actions/behavior of a player detrimental to the community. Action outside the Rules may be taken to prevent disruption.

1 - 2 It is your responsibility to read and follow the rules listed here. if you are at any point unsure if doing something will be breaking the rules, contact the admin team on Discord or TeamSpeak.

1 - 3 Do not argue with the admins. if you feel that an admin has mistreated you in some way, you can make a complaint on discord to either headadmin or bob

1 - 4 - Do NOT advertise any type of material that is not Game-squad related such as, you own servers Twitch-channels etc.

1 - 5 Game-squad is not responsible for players losing items vehicles bugging under the map or loss of items caus of random deaths etc due to mod/game releated errors, Admins NEVER spawn in items/dinos without express permission from server owners. or head admin. Follow the admins instructions.

1 - 6 Do NOT message admins direct, if you are in need of support! submit a ticket on our discord and an admin will be with you as soon as possible!

1 - 7 Respect other players: We will not tolerate any sort of toxicity or rudeness towards other players on any of our servers. Including (but is not limited to) the following forms of discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, etc.

1 - 8 leading up to Horde night "every 7 days" you must log off in due time, at minimum 2 hours in-game "20:00" if you have no intention on fighting the horde. this will leave some time for the next player to have a chance to get rdy

1 - 9 Failing to adhere to the gamesquad ruleset, will result in consequences taken against you.

2 - 0 play fair and have fun and always remember: ITS ONLY A GAME. Image